Проект может быть реализован также как частично коммерческий с целью возмещения затрат на расходный материал, вовлечения полученных средств в дальнейшее его развитие, а также целью привлечения трудовых ресурсов из числа желающих принять участие (возможно также привлечение социально незащищенных слоев населения!).


Public places improvement
Participating in the improvement of public places by uniting the like-minded people and involving them in the process of small forms decoration and souvenir work shops (street furniture, playgrounds, sports facilities)
Apprenticeship, workshops
Decorative workshop events for all ages and social groups. Searching and uniting craftsmen for participation in educational programmes, cross-sectional workshops, local areas improvement and cultural events.
The aim of the project
Development of recreation area, cultural and historical monuments and sightseeing attractions.
Decorative art development and craftsmanship (additional training for adults and children)
Associativity work of cut trees recycling and natural materials usage in local areas development.
Assistance in improvement of public areas, creativity development in people, intellectual development.
Reveal and develop inner and outer beauty
Public places development - cultural image, coziness and elegance, reflecting in cultural values and street art
Society involvement in local area improvement by revealing the desire to improve them transferring pride, personal contribution preserving labor and careful attitude.
Given importance to cultural and historical roots of particular public areas including its architecture, design, small street forms and interactive passtime on site. Tourist development.
Social value
Craftsmanship development, applied arts and cultural public level
Preserving the nature and taking care of cut trees implementing it into work of art
Key events of the project held
in 2016-2020
in 2 directions
  • Благоустройство общественных пространств из сухих, аварийных и иных предназначенных к опиловке деревьев
Public places development with the help of dry cut out trees
Dry wood

— Benches are made and located in the park Orchard Garden in Chekhov
Tree stubs in public places

— Flower beds are made that have been previously nominated and got Audience Award at the festival in Chekhov, 2016
Logs and fallen trees

— Benches dedicated to Chekhov are made that form part of flower set. Got the 3rd prize at the festival in Moscow region in 2017.
April, 2018
Tree trunks were fished out of the Lopasnya River.

— Volunteer Saturday work - Big Tree trunks were removed from the river . As a result different tree forms are saved and used for further art work. Flowerbeds and other small forms are going to be made for further contests.
May - September, 2018
Cut wood

— Small decorative forms and playground sites were made by local people from Chepelevo near the Community center.
August, 2018,
Fallen dry woods

— Festival-contest from Checkov region, Noginsk
July - August, 2019
Fallen dry woods

— Environment improvement of flowerbeds, Checkov

— Small decorative forms in public places
Workshop - decorative crafts and charity classes
All ages, social groups (more than 20 events) - 2019, 8 events - 2020
— Workshop management for elderly people and social organizations (charity, interactive zones for workshops and mutual classes on crafts, several times per month/ on demand)
— Participation in social events including cross regional contests.
All prizes were taken by our team!
— Educational activities: we cooperate with schools, colleges to introduce extra-curriculum classes on art and decorative works
Key achievements

— conditions for involving people in handmade and site improvement
of local areas;

— eco-friendly: we save natural resources (we use cut out trees);

— careful attitude towards nature and lean management;

— art traditions: we venerate old traditions;

— decorative form usage: natural materials are used and the nature
is preserved.
Looking for like-minded people, offer cooperation
Suggest the idea of decorative art object and its location
We involve organizations in charge of cutting, removal and recycling of trees in emergent condition.
We engage volunteers wishing to improve urban environment
We raise investments
We cooperate with craftsmen in outlining our art ideas.
A project can be carried out as partially commercial to reimburse expendable material, to invest in further development and labor force engagement (including socially vulnerable groups)
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