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Manufacturing & wooden design

Manufacturing & wooden design

Group work organization

Projecting, design, manufacturing of architectural and decorative art works including wood and other natural materials

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Art studio

Natalia Glinskaya
Art studio is aimed at partial development of urban area improvement. We focus on social projects targeted at design and applied arts:
Key areas of responsibility: event and planning manager, project and workshop producer, economist and accountant.
Viktor Garshin
Craftsman expert, designer, architect, author of creative ideas and further performance.
Reveal and develop inner and outer beauty
Given importance to cultural and historical roots of particular public areas including its architecture, design, small street forms and interactive passtime on site. Tourist development.
Society involvement in local area improvement by revealing the desire to improve them transferring pride, personal contribution preserving labor and careful attitude.
Preserving the nature and taking care of cut trees implementing it into work of art
Social responsibility:
Public places development - cultural image, coziness and elegance, reflecting in cultural values and street art
Craftsmanship development, applied arts and cultural public level


Many thanks for your trust in organizing the event with us. Every time it's a unique story.
Trust, labor, children, joy, mutual happiness! The main observation is that children love doing this work especially when they are given adult instruments and they feel responsibility. The bench for the fireplace was great! Screw gun, polisher, scraper, drill, flint paper, brushes, treatment for wood, 3 hour work and everything is ready! We ended our workshop with beautiful snacks near the fireplace and a group photo. Thanks a lot to true craftsmen!
    So many details, precise work, handmade! Nature in harmony with human. Fantasy flows here as a river. It's Russian, pure traditional, masterful woodcarving. The gifted craftsman whose works should be kept through generations. I composed this poem myself as I was so inspired by the workshop.
    Yesterday I helped Nataly, the head of art studio in workshops. These were wonderful 4 hours. I even took part of the workshop as my homework as I was busy with shooting the process. Thanks Nataly for the New Year atmosphere! (Taking into account that there's little snow this year).
    Yesterday our kids worked as elves in Santa Clause's workshop, to be more exact snow maiden - Nataly. We made 3 hand mades, 2 pieces of decoration for a handmade art Christmas tree in string art technique and decoupage including New Year candlesticks. By the way the new stylish fir tree is now near the lodge.
    Luzhniki, Checkov district
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    Cultural and creative area

    — artistic and cultural management of local area, art objects at recreational facilities (parks, yards, recreation areas) to boost attendance and tourist flow;

    — small scale cultural objects, location in cooperation with museums and cultural centers;

    — design, project management, sketches – author's ideas;

    — participation in cultural and public contests.

    Eco trend

    — event organization called "Give a second life to a tree". The aim of the event - anti-recycling of valuable trees to improve urban environment..


    — interactive art studio (work shop organization) for people of all ages (unclusive education).

    The work shop can be organized in the following formats:

    — carpenter's and design studio that combine studies and art work;

    — seasonal placement of art studio at public places;

    — mobile art studio for festivals and events.


    — Mutual project that is aimed at creating interactive zones at special offers, charity events, community work.

    Involvement into volunteering:
    — volunteers and residents
    — educational institutions (schools, colleges, art courses)
    — public organizations, NPO, social groups
    — others.

    Art studio address

    Tsentralnaya st., Chepelevo village, Stremilovskoe settlement, Moscow region.
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